Canning Bacon bits

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Canning Bacon Bits
I like to buy several of the 3 pound bags of bacon ends and pieces and can bacon bits out of them to use in green beans , salads , baked potatoes, potato soup, or any where you would want bacon bits. This way I save our good homemade Bacon for bacon strips.

First I chop them  in to smaller pieces, then fry on low until all the way done .

Cut into smaller pieces then shown here I thought I got  pictures of the smaller pieces, and of frying them but didn’t.

Then drain the grease and  save the it to can also.

Then put into your jars I use small jelly jars and half pint jars. Do not add any liquid can them dry. Put your hot lids and rings on then process in a pressure canner for 75 minutes for half pints at the pressure recommended for your altitude.

And with the cost of bacon going to go up and also the shortages we are going to have, it will be nice to have a little bacon put back.

6 thoughts on “Canning Bacon bits

  1. Gary Everts

    good morning, now a year later have you had any bad experences with pressure canning cooked bacon? did the bacon grease can ok as well?….we have tried the raw bacon wrapped in parchment paper and canned but did not like the texture too much…still usable but not desirable….like you said the homeade bacon for slicing is the best and the canned bits for great for flavor…we have been pondering the idea of salt curring pork belly like you would a country ham and let it hang til you need some….here in south florida it is hot and humid and we are not sure how this experiment would go…..great site keep up the good work….

  2. Connie

    Still love the bacon bits and the canned lard wqhich I use to cook with and in my soap. I have also canned the raw bacon the texture isn't the best but it would be better then no bacon lol. We salt cured a small slab of bacon once it is very salty. It defiantly needs to cold to do salt cure or it will spoil.We also smoked some that was really good but it still needs to be kept in the freezer for long term storage.