Canning Elk ( Venison or Beef) Meat

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Canning meat Elk or Beef is so easy. And it is so nice to have jars of meat on hand for those busy days plus it isn’t taking up freezer space.

Start by cutting your meat into one to two inch cubes.

Put the meat into your jars.

Pack it in tightly.
You do not add any liquid to the meat.
You can add a pinch of salt if desired.  

Boil your rings and lids.

Wipe the jar rims and put on the lids and rings.

Add a couple quarts of water to your canner then place the jars of meat. Let the steam blow out for ten minutes before you put the weight on. Then process for 90 minutes at the recommend pressure for your altitude. Pints can be done a 75 minutes at the recommended pressure for your altitude.

Let the canner cool all the way down and then remove the jars onto a cloth and let sit 12 to 24 hours till cool check after 24 hours to make sure they are sealed if not put in them in the fridge and use immediately or reprocesses.

It is so nice to have jars of meat on hand already cooked and ready to use.

9 thoughts on “Canning Elk ( Venison or Beef) Meat

  1. odiie

    ..or venison. It's the only way my honey will eat it. I agree it's easier than canning vegetables and seems to get rid of all of the gamey taste.

  2. Connie

    @ Odiie, Thanks for reminding me about the venison, I am going to change the title. It is also the only way I can eat venison as you said it takes that gamey taste away.

  3. Connie

    @ Monsoon, It comes out of the jar so tender it is a great to use real tough meat for. Just open the jar and heat up it the meat just falls apart. so good

  4. Connie

    @ Bonnie, Thanks for stopping by and you are so right the it makes the meat so tender plus it is so nice to be able to just open a jar of meat when we are busy with other things.