Dehydrating and Freezing Sour Cream

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Finally I am getting this posted I have had several people ask how to dehydrate sour cream it is pretty easy. It takes up less storage space when dried as opposed to it’s regular form, and many people dehydrate it to have on hand in case of emergencies. It can be used in sauces, dips and casseroles.

I covered my trays with plastic wrap. Or you can use baking sheets

I stirred the sour cream real well so it was creamy and a little easier to spread.

Then put a couple spoonfuls in the middle and spread to a thin layer .


Put in the dehydrator be careful not to fold the plastic up over the sour cream dehydrate at 130 to 140 degrees you don’t want it very high or it will turn the sour cream brown, until very dry it will be very brittle if not dry for a little longer. It will have a little oily feeling on it this is fine as long as it is very brittle.

Put in the food processor to powder I put it in the blender after the food processor it powder it more .
As you can see it is not very powdered in the  food processor.
It will be a little more powdered in the blender. When you put it in the blender put just a small amount at a time so it will powder.


To rehydrate use the ratio of one part powder to appx ½ part of warm water not to hot or you will curdle it let sit for a while to let it thicken then stir I like to put mine in the blender to make it a little more creamy it will not be like fresh but close



I put mine in quart jars. You want to store in the fridge ( if you will be using fairly soon)or the freezer I like to keep mine in the freezer.

To freeze sour cream just put the container in the freezer, thaw out when needed. It is very thin when thawed out so I just use it for cooking.

8 thoughts on “Dehydrating and Freezing Sour Cream

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you for these instructions. My dehydrater is "one temp fits all", but I think it's fairly low, plus it has fruit roll up sheets, so that should work. Can't wait to catch some sour cream on sale and try this.

    Any chance you'll show us the proper way to dehydrate potatoes?

    brenda from ar

  2. Connie

    Brenda, I will be doing a post on potatoes soon I am hoping before christmas but if not soon after. Busy trying to get ready for christmas and two college graduations. If you do teh sour cream you might rotate your racks seems like the smaller dehydraters tend to be warmer on the bottoms.

  3. Anonymous

    Oh, good idea. Thanks. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. I know I ask a lot, but if you feel so inclined, share some sewing goodies with us too (after the holidays). Wish I had something cool to share back with you. I hand sew some and I'm a good Jerusalem artichoke grower.

    brenda from ar

  4. Connie


    Don’t worry about asking things that is the main reason I started this blog so I could share what little bit that I know with others. I am going to do some sewing things after the first of the year I have a lot of projects that I am working on. I don’t grow Jerusalem Artichokes but it is something that I have wanted to grow.
    P.S. If you can hand sew it isn’t to hard to step up to machine sewing.
    And have a Merry Christmas.

  5. Anonymous


    Actually, I do a little machine sewing too. Things like zippers and darts and setting in sleeves just drives me nuts. But, somehow flatwork seems enjoyable and relaxing. Later.

    brenda from ar

  6. Connie

    I have to agree about the zippers I hate doing zippers mine never look as good as some peoples. As far as sleeves I have found a couple shortcuts to help ( Although I am sure my Grandma wouldn’t’ approve lol) Back when I did a lot of sewing it wasn’t so bad but now I don’t do a whole lot it seems to be harder. Guess I just need to sew more.