Week 7 Food Storage Challenge

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Week 7: 25 lbs sugar / 25 Lbs oats

You might also consider picking up a couple jars of molasses when you get your sugar , so you can make brown sugar. It is cheaper to make your own brown sugar. Plus you will have fresh and not have to worry about it getting hard. ( Will post the recipe soon).


Try to buy your oats in bulk there are some places that have 20 to 25 pound bags for less then 20 dollars. You can use these to make your own instant oatmeal packs, add to hamburger to stretch it, grind it to make a flour, of course cookies and many other things.

The once a month item to get is a manual can opener if you do not already have one. I was a little late posting the monthly item so I picked the can opener as they are pretty inexpensive.

Also something you may want to start this week is an emergency fund. Put back what ever you feel you can afford even if only a few dollars a week as I say every little bit will help

Keep putting back water.

Will post the action item next week since this month is almost over.

7 thoughts on “Week 7 Food Storage Challenge

  1. Anonymous

    I save all my change and I keep out a little spending money for 2 weeks and if i have any lefted over it go into my savings, every little bit helps!!

  2. Amanda

    I saw your link-up at Frugal by Choice and thought I'd pop over . . and I actually have 2 manual can openers! lol My husband and I each had one and we didn't get rid of either.

  3. Connie

    Thanks for stopping by. My husband and I also both had one when we got married so we also have two. I do have to admitt that I bought another one to put in the camper and left the two in the house lol.

  4. Alix

    What a good idea! I wish we had room to store a lot of extra food. thank you for linking up at Wildcrafting Wednesdays!