Week 11 Self Sustaining Pantry

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We are still working on counter tops so it has be hard to get much done in the kitchen ( They are stating to look so good).
Did get a dehydrator full of potatoes.
Went after corn stalks for the cows, they sure have helped to stretch the hay.
Got 8 bottles of saline solution for our contacts ( The girls and I all wear contacts) for storage.
I signed up to sell Young Living essential oils I use so many oils I figured I should try to sell some to try and help pay for what I use.
A friend that works for a slaughter house brought me about 50 pounds of beef fat I got all that rendered down.
I have taken a 400 dollar cut in pay so I will be trying to find more ways to save money. One thing I am going to do is start paying more attention to my electric usage I should get the new electric bill in the next couple days and I will look at the usage and start trying to lower it. I have the water bill about as low as I can get so that is taken care of.
This next week I am going to try and work on the rest of the potatoes. I also need to get started on Joleens prom dress. Now that I have the tallow I need to get some soap made .I am thinking about making soap and selling it to help make up for the pay cut.
What were you able to get done this week?

9 thoughts on “Week 11 Self Sustaining Pantry

  1. Elle Mental

    Sounds like you have had a busy week! I am sorry about the pay loss…
    I have rearranged my living space to make more room for food processing. I also caulked and painted a 1890's wood stove to be a back up heat source for the house. It smokes a little, so I have some more work to do! I very much enjoy your posts, they are fresh and honest and inspiring! Take care! Elle

  2. living from glory to glory

    Hi Connie, Well I did so much last year to prepare and put back, I am just asking the Lord what else should I be doing?
    We also, use Young Living oils, mostly the Wintergreen and the Lavendar.
    I am learning to take pleasure in thses days while we can 🙂
    We may all be trusting the Lord for our provisions, and we can know He will provide. but I feel like it is wise to have something to muliply!
    Blessings, Roxy
    We had a lovely Spring like day today !!

  3. Teri

    I'm still working on putting more meals in jars. I had a small amount of cooked taco meat in the freezer, so I soaked some beans (a mix of pinto, red and black), added beef broth, tomatoes, zucchini, corn, celery and onions and made 8 qts taco soup! I also cooked a turkey (one we bought at Thanksgiving time) and bottled 16 qts of turkey/broth (plus ate some). And last week I canned 26 qts of cran/raspberry juice (berries from the freezer). Plus, I dried blueberries, green peppers, celery and clementines. I am being "prompted" to fill my jars. 🙂 Today, I am cooking down gifted tomatoes for juice. This will most likely go into the refrig to drink, as my husband likes tomato juice. And I have some cooked banana squash that I will puree and put in my dehydrator after the rest of the peppers are out. I'm doing all this on my days off. I work part-time. I also had to replace my pressure canner. I will look for parts for the old one but needed to finish the turkey and soup. Hoping to get my beef stew done still, maybe next week. Thanks for all the great information. Have a great week. Teri

  4. Connie

    It does seem to take up so much room for food processing and storing but so well worth finding the room for it.
    Good luck with your wood stove I live mine that is all we heat with now.
    Take care Connie

  5. Connie

    It seems like everytime I turn around I think of somthing I have forgotten I just keep praying I will be able to think of all I need.
    I love using E.O.'s I to use a lot of lavender.
    It has been so nice and warm here and will be tomarrow also love it.
    Take care Connie

  6. Connie

    Sounds like you have been very busy puts me way to shame I have had a couple slow weeks (even though I have lot that needs done) I do need to get a little more busy I don't know how much time we have left.
    Take care and have a great week.

  7. Anonymous

    Well, I'm late to this party, but….. I cut, blanched and dehydrated some carrots, bought more canned meats, wrapped cardboard strips to fit in tuna cans for homemade sterno, planted some potatoes, and dug Jerusalem artichokes.
    brenda from ar

  8. Connie

    Better late then never lol. How well do the homemade sterno cans work? Have wanted to try but haven't got around to it yet.

  9. Anonymous

    I only have two completely done. Will test them soon. For a fire starter, I have tried the little round make-up pads saturated in melted wax from old spent candles. You just tear the edges a bit and light with a match. They have a much taller flame and last at least twice as long as just burning the little cotton pad. I could see them really coming in handy when you're trying to get damp wood to light. More later.
    brenda from ar