Make Your Own Jello with Kool-Aid

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OK I know a lot of people make their own jello using fruit juice. We don’t always have a lot of extra juice and it is to expensive to buy just to make jello out of so I use Kool-Aid as I have mentioned before I buy a lot of kool-Aid when it on sale. If you use Kool-Aid to make jello with then you can have a large variety of flavors. I buy my gelatin in bulk ( At so it is a lot cheaper then in the grocery store.

Jello with Kool-aid
2 Tablespoons gelatin
1 cup sugar
1 pack kool-Aid
4 cups water

Start with the kool-aid of choice, sugar, and gelatin. 

Add 1 cup of sugar 2 Tablespoons of gelatin and 1 pack of kool-aid in a medium size bowl.

Mix together well

Add 2 cups of boiling water and stir well until  everything is dissolved.

Add two cups cold water, I put ice in my water to help the jello set up faster.

stir until the ice is all melted.

put in the fridge to set up, takes about 2 hours.
If you want to make your own jello cups just pour into small reusable containers with lids then put into the fridge to set up.

and you have  yummy jello.

If you want a little softer jello just don’t add as much gelatin.
If you are going to use fruit juice just remember 4 cups liquid to 2 Tablespoons of gelatin.

8 thoughts on “Make Your Own Jello with Kool-Aid

  1. Amy

    So cool! Love the idea of making it from scratch. And, I bet you do get more of a flavor variety with using the kool-aid. My boys are gonna love this one!
    Hope you are having a great week!

  2. ceara irwin

    Could I double or triple this using these measurments… and could i cut the water in half to weild a denser jello? I need a 20 2×2 inch jello squares.

  3. Connie

    I haven't doubled this before but I don't see why you couldn't. I would think you could cut the water in half to get a denser Jiggler type Jello. I would add it all as hot water, and not add cold water. Hope this helps

  4. Unknown

    For those of you that can't do the sugar…try 2 to 3 tablespoons of Truvia instead. I use 2 but i prefer it less sweet. People used to sugar would want to use 3.

  5. Anonymous

    KoolAid is a great tasty frugal cooking item. I also use it to flavor cookies, cakes, and icing. Great variety, color, and taste!