Canning Plain Pinto Beans

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We eat a lot of pinto beans around here so I try to keep several jars canned up of plain beans and beans with bacon.

The plain beans I use in recipes, chili and to make refried beans with. The beans with bacon we just open, heat and eat they are so nice to have on hand after a very busy day that I haven’t had time to get something fixed for dinner. I will show you how to do the plain beans today, then I will do the beans with bacon in a few days. I like this recipe because you do not have to soak the beans.

First start with clean beans. ( Always sort through and rinse your beans even if they say precleaned They will still have dirt in them.)



In a quart Jar put
1 1/3 cups dry pinto beans


¼ tsp. onion salt


1 ½ tsp salt


½ tsp. garlic salt


½ tsp Chili powder ( optional) we like the flavor that it gives to the beans


Fill Jars with boiling water to 1 inch of top


Boil your rings and lids if using older lids boil for a little longer to help soften up the rubber.
Put the lids and rings on your jars .

Pressure for 75 min at 15 pounds of pressure. ( this is for altitudes above 6000 to 8000 feet) you can go here to check what pressure you need for your altitude
For pints use ¾ cup beans and process for 50 minutes
To make refried beans pour a jar into your pan warm up then with a mixer just mix them until the consistency of refried beans.
So nice to have on hand.

32 thoughts on “Canning Plain Pinto Beans

  1. Amy

    I have yet to try these, but really wanting to now. They look so beautiful in those jars. And I bet they taste yummy too! Thanks for sharing this. Have a great week.

  2. Rachel E.

    Thanks for this. I have been trying to make time for canning beans, but the last few weeks have been crazy and painful for my pregnancy. Having beans ready in the pantry makes meals so much easier.

  3. Elle Mental

    I just got my gas stove replaced after a year without a stove,(or oven), I am so happy to now be able to us my pressure canner again! I think I will try your pinto recipe as the stoves inaugural canning session! Thanks for sharing! I hope you have a great week!

  4. Tabitha

    Do you know if there is any way that they can be water bath canned? I don't have a pressure cooker and would really like to try this.

  5. myponytails

    Tabitha – I was wondering the same thing. The USDA canning guide says not to water bath beans because the temp doesn't get high enough to kill botulism. However, I know many grandmothers who used to do it and no one got sick. But, they would always cook the beans after opening the can. As a test, I'm going to try doing 1 can, when I do some strawberry jam.

  6. Connie

    Tabitha and Myponytails,
    I looked in one of my old canning books and couldn't find anything on water bathing beans I would not recommend it I think if you did though you would need to cook them first. If you add bacon or some sort of meat you would defiantly have to pressure can. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

  7. hsmomino

    I've been saying I need to try this. Time for me to get busy!
    Your step-by-step instructions are great.
    A question: I have always read and been told to add salt only at the very last, because salt prevents them from softening and makes them tough. Have you noticed this with your recipe?

  8. Connie

    The reason you can add salt when you can them, they cook a lot longer and at a higher temp. so the salt dosn't affect them. hope this helps.

  9. Kim

    Thank you! I used to do this years ago, and when I stopped canning for several years I sort of forgot how I did it. I planned on doing this very thing and I've been searching for the way I did it. I always was very happy with the way they turned out.

  10. Christina @ Keeping Home

    Botulism isn't worth the risk. It might not be likely but it is deadly. A much bigger issue than simply getting sick! Also, there is no way for the home canner to tell if a can of food is contaminated. It won't smell or taste bad.

  11. Richard Fricker

    I hot water bathe, precooked beans…..DO NOT EVER do this with uncooked ones, as stated, it has ill effects.
    Cook your beans with salt pork, then can ( I omit pork in the canning and discard)….in hot water bath as indicated for your area/type.
    I have done this for 15 years….have children from 4-16 and my family has never gotten sick.
    They will be on the softer side, but I use for refried beans and casseroles

  12. Anonymous

    I made these today, just as your recipe says. They worked out great. The beans were perfectly cooked and the seasoning is good. Thanks for taking time to post. Have you tried other kinds of beans such as garbanzo or black?

  13. Anonymous

    Thanks for this post. I tried your recipe right away. The only problem is that when all was said and done my jars are only about 3/4 full even though I filled them to within an inch of the top before processing.
    Could this be a difference in elevation? Any suggestions? Am I safe to use the ones that are sealed but not completely full?

  14. Connie

    I haven't tried any other beans Pinto are all my family will eat. Husband grew up farming pinto beans so as far as he is concerened that is the only bean there is lol.

  15. Connie

    I have had this happen before. Not sure if it is because the beans are old or the elevation. Just add 1/4 cup more beans next time. And I used my jars that were not all the way full just make sure to heat them real good.

  16. Anonymous

    when I canned pinto beans they were full to the top with beans but most of the water was absorbed. Are the beans ok or do I need to redue them with more water?

  17. Connie

    As long as they are still sealed they are fine just add more water when reheating and be sure to bring them to a boil before using them.


    We have been water bath canning for years. Soak your beans overnight, rinse put three cups no more of beans in a sterilized quart jar (I don't usually season mine but go ahead if you want to I have never canned them with meat in them either) fill jars with boiling water leaving 1 inch of head space. Wipe off the rims of jars place a jar flat that has been placed in boiling water on jar add ring hand tighten place in water bath that has been brought to a boil making sure that the water is an inch over jars. Cook at a low boil covered for 3 hours. I usually keep a second pot of hot water on in case I need to add more water. I just canned 18 quarts of beans last week and will be eating them for a couple of years. I never eat them right out of the jar just cook with them. I do always smell them when I open them, but I have never had a bad jar. Hope you try them and love them as much as we do.