Control Burn out of Control

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Andy and I were in town the other day when the pager went off. A control burn had got away from some one. So we hurried back out. The fire was about a mile south of our hay barn. It has been so dry that the fire just took off. Burned some small barns and got pretty close to the house. Almost lost one of the brush trucks. It was parked on the road and the fire got very close it melted the seat on of the guys had to cut the hose and get it out.

It is so easy for these fires to get away from someone, especially as dry as it has been. When you do a control burn you need to have a least two people shovels and your water hose with a spray nozzle on it so you can have the water already turned on. Then if you need the water you can just pick up the hose and use it.

If you have a large area you need to burn, some fire departments will come and do a stand by while you are burning.

5 thoughts on “Control Burn out of Control

  1. Connie

    Fortunately they were very old barns and had not been used in several years don’t think they lost anything else in the fire.