Writing a love letter to my Husband

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Latrecia  over at Our peaceful cottage had her weekly to do list posted and one of the things on it was to write her husband a love letter. I thought that was such a neat idea.

I try very hard to be a proverbs 31 wife ( which isn’t as easy as it sounds sometimes). Well I put the letter on my list to do but I have been a little ( ok a lot) aggravated at my husband the last couple days. I was at the store today and walked by the cards and it reminded me I needed to write the letter ( I use to send him cards all the time when we were dating and first married).
My first thought when I remembered I needed to write the letter was no I’m not to happy with him right now, then it kind of hit me that this is the perfect time to write the love letter. To make it a good letter I will have to think of the reasons I feel in love with him in the first place and put away the thoughts and reasons why I was so upset with him. So I am off to write a love letter to my Husband even though he aggravates me occasional lol. He is still the love of my life and I guess I need to remind him of that once in a while.

I think we all need to remember to remind the ones we love that we still love them no matter what.

5 thoughts on “Writing a love letter to my Husband

  1. Michelle

    Ever year instead of cards for birthdays, moms day , and fathers day we write each other a letter. I have saved ever letter my husband has written me. When I lose perspective all I have to do is read one of his letters. While cleaning a while back I found a box and inside were the letter I wrote him. I think my heart grew 10 time at that moment.I never told him I found them. Believe me ,It may not seem like a letter will make a big different, but it does!

  2. Latrecia

    I love how honest you've been on this post. Thanks for sharing that you were able to find the strength to write the letter during hard times.

  3. Bonnie K

    Good luck with the letter. I think I will write one to my husband. I just couldn't imagine my life without him. Thanks for the inspiration.