Canning Bananas

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This is so easy and frees up space in your freezer instead of having your bananas take up space.

I had Andy pick up some bananas the other day for Banana pudding well he bought a lot. So I just canned  the extra ones, to use in bread,cake, and cookies.

Peel and cut your banana’s I use a food processor but you can use a potato masher, blender or food mill they just need to be well mashed with no lumps left.

Almost looks like a smoothie

Put in a pan add 1 Tablespoon lemon juice for each pint ( I kind of figure 3 to 4  bananas depending on size per pint) then put on medium heat bring to a boil. Be very careful since it is so thick it will splatter. Stir often it needs to be hot all the way through.

Next pour into sterilized pint jars and put on hot lids.

Waterbath for 15 minutes (adjust for your altitude I do mine for 30 minutes)

Each pint jar is approximately 2 cups. Just use as you would in bread,cake and cookies. If there is some browning on the top when you open just scoop it off. It also may have a little liquid in the bottom this is OK just pour it into your batter.

17 thoughts on “Canning Bananas

  1. Leigh

    What an amazing idea! Thank you so much for this, especially since things tend to get forgotten in my freezer. Actually you've got quite a few excellent food storage ideas. All are appreciated.

  2. magnolias+tea

    Love this post. I've never canned bananas, but I just may after reading your article. Well done. Saw the link at Wildcrafting Wednesday and clicked the like button as that's what it's there for anyway. 🙂

  3. Megan

    I'm a big fan of canning, but I wouldn't do water bath canning with bananas because they aren't a high acid food. Extension sites have more information on the details of this.

  4. Connie

    That is one of the reasons that you add the lemon juice to add some acidity, plus these are just used to cook with not to use as baby food. You could convert this to pressure canning if you are not comfortable with the water bath.

  5. LaurieS

    I also would like to know if I have frozen bananas would they be alright to use in this fashion? Or is this just for fresh bananas?

    I am excited to find a good deal on bananas now!

  6. Anonymous

    Thirty years ago, I had a relative that would make banana jelly. When it was opened it would not take long and turn brown. Just like if the banana was peeled and left open in the air. I just wonder how canning these banana's wouldn't be the same way. Meaning if the jar was left open and not used right away on how quickly it will take for the banana's to turn awful brown color.