Week 6 Food Storage Challenge

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Before I start with this weeks list I want to share this with you. I think food prices are going to rise dramatically over the next year so if at all possible get as much as you can now, here is a few reasons why I think they are going to rise.

Also look at the south they don’t usually get storms like this. Just think how nice it would be, if something like that were to happened and you had food and a way to heat if the electricity were to go out.

CA. drought continues, A lot of farmers will not be planting because of water restrictions this year. We get a large portion of our produce from CA.
Fla. freeze killed fruit, squash, cucumber and herb crops.
Cold spells in many states killed cattle. And in other states the droughts are causing ranchers to sell a lot of their herds. Cattle are at a 61 year low.
Indonesia fish industry is suffering(not to mention sea deaths from Fukushima).
Texas wheat growth stunted by cold.
Australia drought continues.
China rice crop affected by low temps.

Brazil coffee and sugar crops affected by drought.

I think stocking up and having a garden are going to be so important in the coming year.

So if you don’t have plans for a garden now you need to put one in. Even if you live in town you can do small space gardening or container gardening.

So anyway here is this weeks food storage challenge.

10 cans of soup / Detergents

10 Cans of soup store bought or home canned, pick what your family likes to eat no point in having something they wont eat.

Detergents, if you MAKE YOUR OWN then get the things you need to make it with borax, bar soap, washing soda ( you can MAKE YOUR OWN WASHING SODA out of baking soda, much cheaper) and if you make your own bar soap just make some plain soap and throw a small piece in your washer.

Keep adding to your water. A small town not to far from us had the water pumps go out at the water plant they have been with out water couple days. It just shows that it can happen anywhere.

Put a little more money back if you can. I know that part is hard but if you have an emergency you will be so glad that you did.

How is the cooking from scratch coming? I am going to try and start posting a few dinner recipes that I am using in my menus, that are quick and easy but from scratch.

Hope you have a great week.

11 thoughts on “Week 6 Food Storage Challenge

  1. Joani

    You are so right about what is happening around the world. I was wondering if you would share just where you might stash that extra cash. My garden is planted and we've been having warmer weather than usual and I think we might have a bumper crop. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Julie

    I have been stocking our pantry with as much as we can. This week I have been working on croutons and bread crumbs. We always grow a garden with lots of stuff we can dehydrate or can. We always try to focus on preserving food that will not need refrigeration. We have a wood cook stove, so that is a heat and cooking source for us. Since we live on land that has lots and lots of trees, we are also well stocked in wood. This spring we are putting a hand pump in, so that we can directly draw from our well, if the electricity ever went out. My husband and I are really trying to become as self sufficient as possible. I think that is key in today's world.
    Thank you for all your many ideas and recipes!

  3. Anonymous

    A friend of mine keeps her extra cash in the freezer. while another keeps hers hide behind 1 of the 100 wall hangings, I keep mine in several different
    places one is in a canning jar hid behind saurkraut. most of my cash is small bills and coins.

  4. Connie


    If you don’t have a fire proof safe the next best thing is you freezer the reason being if you have a fire you stand a better chance of it not burning up. Good luck with your garden can’t wait to get mine started.

  5. Connie

    Thanks, I don’t think the majority of people have any idea what is getting ready to happen to food prices which is so sad because a little preparing now will sure come in handy down the road.

  6. Connie

    I would love to have a wood cook stove, we have be looking for one but they are so pricey hoping we can find one to redo. I could cookk on my wood stove if I had to but it would be a challenge.

  7. Connie

    You will love canning, It really is pretty easy once you get it all figured out.
    Nothing better then opening a jar of something and knowing exactly what is in it