Week 4 Food Storage Challenge

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6 pounds of Shortening or oil / 10 pounds dry Beans

6 pounds of Shortening, Lard, or oil. Shortening has a longer shelf life then oil, so you may want to consider shortening over oil. You can store oil but be sure to rotate so you don’t have any go rancid. I store Lard since that is what I cook with, I just try to make sure and rotate.

10 pounds of dry beans. Get what your family will eat no point in storing something that they will not eat. We eat a lot of pinto beans so that is what I try to store the most of.

Keep putting back your water. Just think of all the places that have had their water contaminated. Wouldn’t it be nice knowing if that happened where you are you have some back up water, and don’t have to depend on the store or someone else.

Put a little more money into your money stash. Even if it is only a few dollars as I say every little bit will help.
How are the sewing skills coming along?

4 thoughts on “Week 4 Food Storage Challenge

  1. Gentle Joy

    This is a good idea…. just having even a little extra and rotating is a good idea… we have had power go out for 3 days… not a big deal, BUT it seems like it when it's out and the family is hungry….. Thank you for this reminder. 🙂

  2. Connie Watkins

    Gentle Joy,
    Yes it is a good idea to have some food put back It is such a piece of mind to know you have it if something was to happen and you would need it.
    Have a great day

  3. Angi Campbell

    What about learning the skills to make these products, rather than just stockpiling the storebought version? Lard is easy to render, very shelf stable,and SOOO much better for you than hydrogenated vegetable shortening. How about just keeping a few packs of bean seeds so you can grow your own beans? I just feel like skills are so much more valuable for any kind of SHTF….

  4. Connie Watkins

    I am very much into learning the skills, If you look at my blog you will see I do a lot of skills and DIY.I do agree Lard is easy to render and is soo much better for you ,but not many people have access to fat to render down so they have to buy it. Also some people are not into using lard yet. If you will notice I grow most all of my food and meat, But I realize not everybody has a place or the time to do that.If you went back and looked at all my food storage challenges you will see that I try to make it doable for everybody and I do emphasize skills as there is a new skill to learn each month. As I said I grow most all of my food but I also know that there will be years when for one reason or another your garden may not produce, so it is nice to know you have some extra things set back just in case. I also have a lot of make it your self recipes so you don't need to store all the store bought things. So if you have time, you might want to go check out my blog and see what is all about.
    Have a great day