Why be prepared? Snowmaggedon 2016

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 Pictures off of twitter from some of the stores in the D.C. area.
Go here to see more pictures Infowars has several.

Ok just a quick post. Have company coming tonight and trying to get everything ready and cooked.
I have been reading about the snow back east it looks horrible ( If you live there please be safe. And prayers to all affected). A lot of what I have been reading is talking about all the bare shelves and how everyone has been stocking up for the storm the last couple days.

 Pictures off of twitter from some of the stores in the D.C. area.

When people ask me why food storage? Why have provisions on hand? Why be prepared for power outages? (I still get asked that.)This is why, just think about all the people the few people who are prepared, they don’t have to risk going out, risk not finding enough to keep their family’s feed for the few days they may be snowbound.
I can’t imagine any worse feeling then knowing a big storm was coming, and I have nothing at home, I got to the store to late and , and everything in the store was already gone.  
If you are prepared you don’t  have to worry about  the power going off, how to keep their family warm, feed,and entertained you have it all handled. You can set back and enjoy the storm with peace of mind knowing you are safe and so is your family. 

 Pictures off of twitter from some of the stores in the D.C. area.
The thing I don’t understand though, didn’t these people learn any thing from Hurricane Sandy? 
If you are in the affected areas of the storm please be safe.

4 thoughts on “Why be prepared? Snowmaggedon 2016

  1. Joani

    I think for some it is…….they've know about this storm for days and possibly even a week, since it first hit the west coast. I'm glad I'm much more prepared than I used to be.

  2. Anonymous

    I stay prepared. You never know what is coming! They were calling for 8 inches of snow we got 24. We knew for several days this was coming. My neighbors(a family of 6) has come to us ( a family of 2) needing toilet paper, milk, eggs, bread and now their water is frozen. When will people learn to put a little back for days like these?