Week 33 Food Storage Challenge

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2 Gallons Vinegar / Canning Supplies

2 Gallons Vinegar, white or cider vinegar. You can use this to cook with, canning, and for cleaners. Wal-mat has white vinegar for 2.48 for a gallon.


Canning Supplies, this time of year you may be able to find a few good deals on canning supplies. A pressure canner if you can afford one, if not you may be able to work with someone who has one and trade work or food for the use of one.  A water bath canner these are not nearly as expensive but a very limited as to what you can can with them, A very good place to start if just starting out though. Jars and lids seems you can never have to many of these.


Have you been able to make any soap or figure it out yet?


How about the alternative clothes washer?


Put back a little more into your money stash.


Add more water to you water storage.


Have a great week.