Week 35 Food Storage Challenge

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500 Aspirin / Bleach , Cleaners

500 Aspirin, You could also get Motrin or Tylenol, Get which ever you prefer .  I don’t have a price for Aspirin but I know it is very inexpensive. Wal-Mart has Motrin 500 ct. for 6.98. 

Bleach & Cleaners 

Bleach and Cleaners, Even if you don’t use bleach it is a good idea to have a little on hand for disinfecting and to purify water if needed ,the only drawback to liquid bleach is it does lose potency over time. So it is something that needs to be rotated or if you can find powder bleach it does last longer but you have to make sure it doesn’t have any extra additives. Pool Shock (Sodium Hypochlorite ) is a good alternative to liquid bleach and pretty easy to find in any pool store or in the pool section of the local hardware store.

As far as cleaners you can store what you like to use or store stuff to make your own such as Vinegar, borax, soap, and ect.

The Action Item this month is to learn all you can about herbal remedies. Try to learn about herbs that are in your area and easy to come by. It is good to know several herbs but in a situation where you can’t order in herbs and have to rely on what is in your area you will be glad to know the local stuff.

The Extra item this month is a wheat grinder. Wheat last so much very longer then flour. You can get a hand grinder for not to much I think mine was around 70 dollars. I you look at yard sales and second hand stores you might be able to pick up one for much cheaper.

Continue to put back water.

Add some more to your money stash.

Have a great week .