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Do you have a favorite book or books that have made an impact on your life ?

As I was thinking about, and getting ready and to co-host Literacy Musing Mondays Linkup, I got to thinking about how much literacy has made an impact on my life. I know literacy encompasses at lot of things but I think the thing most people think about when that hear that is reading, and reading has had such a huge impact on my life. I have done a lot of reading of almost every kind of book and author out there from Westerns, Romance, Fantasy, Self-help, Christian, Nutrition, Cooking, Economic and all most every type there is. And I have so many books that they are in storage because I don’t have room in my house for them haha.

When I was young my family moved all the time, it was nothing to change schools two to three times a year. Well that makes it kind of hard to find friends, coupled with the fact that I wasn’t a popular kid, we were pretty poor and I didn’t have all the cool clothes and things most of the kids had. It was pretty lonely, but in about 4th grade I discovered reading, and oh man did my life change. I was still the poor unpopular kid but now I had a ton of new worlds to explore.

In the fifth grade I checked out a book called Little House on the Prairie, I feel in love with that book. I read all the rest in the series in record time. I decided that that was the life I wanted to live. My Grandmother made me a bonnet (And I wondered why I didn’t fit in with the other kids HaHa). I even had my mom fix my hair one time like one of the pictures in the book, and I learned how to make and pull taffey.

A few years later I read a book (can’t for the life of me remember the name of it), about 5 kids who lived with their Grandmother and she collected herbs to sell for the things that they needed. Well she passed away and the kids didn’t want to be separated so they told no one and continued to gather herbs and sell them. There was a lot of herbal information and I developed a love for herbs.

I got older and got married and moved to the city. Life was pretty good I made my kids clothes, cooked a lot from scratch and worked a full time job. Then I found myself a single Mom with two very young girls, working two to three jobs just to try and make ends meet. I decided it was time to move back home where I had family to help, and a smaller town to raise my daughters. I found a place in the country that had a wood stove, fruit trees and a place where I could raise a garden. I was able to can a lot of my excess vegetables and fruit, while working a full time job. It was tough but I was on my way to living the life I had dreamed of since I had read the “Little House Books”. Then I met my Husband we had so much in common he too wanted the self-sufficient life. That is pretty much how we live now, heat with a wood stove, grow a large portion of our food, barter for some things we don’t grow, I sew and mend a lot of our clothes, I can and dehydrate our food, we raise our meat and hunt for some of it, I am learning to spin my own yarn, I use herbal remedies, living a lot like Little House. We are still dependent on the grid but we are working all the time to reduce our dependency on it. I have to wonder if I would still be living this way had I not read those books so many years ago.

So what book or books have had an impact on you and your life.


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10 Replies to “Has a Book made an Impact on your Life & Literacy Musing Mondays Linkup”

  1. Joani

    Og Mandino, The 12th Angel.
    Who Moved My Cheese.

    as well as a few more but won’t bore you.

    1. watkinsranches@yahoo.com Post author

      Never a bore I always enjoy seeing what others read, gives me ideas of things to read lol.
      Have a great day

      1. watkinsranches@yahoo.com Post author

        Maree Dee,
        I haven’t heard of this one I will have to see if I can find it.
        Have a great day,

  2. Brandi Raae

    Fiction is probably my go-to genre, but the books that have the most impact are usually non-fiction. I love When God Weeps, Not a Fan, Crazy Love, One Thousand Gifts . . .
    I recently read Steven Curtis Chapman’s autobiography, Between Heaven and the Real World, and it was fantastic. As an avid reader, it can be so difficult to choose the best!

    1. watkinsranches@yahoo.com Post author

      I have to agree it is hard to pick when you read a lot. There are sooo many good books out there.

  3. Hannah

    Inspirational books are my favorite. I just read a book called walk in her sandals that was really good.

  4. Kileen

    I read On The Banks Of Plum Creek and loved it when I was younger. I never read any of the other books in the series, which now I wish I had, but I loved that story so much. Now I read a lot of historical fiction. I don’t think I could pick one book that has influenced me as I feel I take something from every book I read.

  5. Debbie Kitterman

    Brandi – I love to read, I don’t get to do it as much as I would like, I love non fiction so I can escape, but don’t get to read it often enough, My favorites are mysteries. I love to figure out who done it before the book tells me. Although, I feel I need to read fiction books to stay on top of whats going on and ministering to people where they are.

    I am so glad you could join the party last week at #TuneInThursday. I am so sorry it has taken me so long to get around to commenting on your post, I had a retreat I was speaking at this past weekend, and it put me behind a few days.

  6. Jann Olson

    Growing up I adored the Boxcar children and Nancy Drew mysteries! It’s so important to get kids reading early. Thanks for sharing with SYC.